EXCLUSIVE: Sizzle reel from Holzer's 'My Haunted Life'

After seeing Alexandra Holzer - daughter of renowned paranormal researcher (and paranormal pop culture icon) Hans Holzer - as a guest judge on Travel Channel's Paranormal Challenge with Zak Bagans and Dave Schrader, have you wondered what a show revolving around Alexandra and the Holzer tradition may look like?

Look no further.

The video below, produced by Go Go Luckey Entertainment, is a sizzle reel "pitch" for Alexandra's potential show, My Haunted Life. The show doesn't have a network yet, but looks to be a fairly interesting approach that would involve Alexandra juggling her normal life and her paranormal life.

This the first time the reel has been shown to the public, and even if we don't see more from Haunted Life, you can still check out Alexandra's thoughts here at ParanormalPopCulture.com with her "Holzer's Haunted History" column.

(Clip removed by request of Go Go Luckey Entertainment and Alexandra Holzer)


Anonymous said...

loved it - I would watch :-)

Anonymous said...

Looks like a really good show and I would watch it as well. There is a reason the father is reaching out and although she may not know why or understand what's happening, this is something that really needs to be looked in to. I can't wait to see more. If anyone finds out where and when this will be broadcast or where we can watch it, please let me know at BonnieDunlap@yahoo.com Thanks and good luck Alexandra!!

Nexus said...

Would love to see more.