Britney Spears' House Was Haunted, According To Her Makeup Artist

So it looks like in addition to supporting the #FreeBritney movement, we here at Paranormal Pop Culture need to launch #ExorciseBritneysHouse because her Sunset Strip home allegedly has a ghost problem

In the Feb. 24 episode of the We Need to Talk About Britney podcast, Spears' friend and former makeup artist Julianne Kaye shared that the Sunset Plaza home Britney lived in was haunted. And apparently the haunting was disturbing enough to force the musician to leave the mansion.

Kaye told the podcast Britney called her up and shared she had a reiki healing at that house after a "crazy partying weekend and needed to relax."

"He left, and she swears to God that he opened some spirit portal or something, and these bad spirits had come in…and they were trying to, like, push her down the stairs or something crazy," said Kaye.

The makeup artist said the spirits included a man and woman, who were "very disturbed."

"It was so bad that she left," Kaye added. "She went to the Casa Del Mar hotel to stay there and never went back to the house. She goes, 'I know you’re gonna think I’m crazy. I’m not crazy. I know what I saw, I know what I felt.'"

Interestingly, actress Brittany Murphy moved into the home, and died there about a year later, in 2009. Her husband Simon Monjack also died in the home just a few months after. The cause of death for both included pneumonia, and anemia. That strange coincidence continues to puzzle Murphy's fans, and the New York Post reports, "In the 11 years since Murphy and Monjack died, the property has been listed 10 different times." 

The home, which recently sold for $12.2 million, according to, was torn down and re-built following Murphy and Monjack's deaths. 

In a follow-up episode of We Need to Talk About Britney, on March 10, our friend and researcher John E.L. Tenney appeared on the podcast and speculated that perhaps Britney's ghosts were actually that of Murphy, and her husband.

"Is it that Britney saw into the future and saw Brittany Murphy and her husband being 'very disturbed' in that house?"

According to paranormal theories, this wouldn't be out of the ordinary for "ghosts" of the future to haunt those in the present. For that matter, paranormal believers might also think that rebuilding the home wouldn't rid the property of a haunting, either. 

What do you think?

-Aaron Sagers