Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Neill Blomkamp and Sigourney Weaver Reveal Details About Next 'Alien' Film

We recently reported that Chappie director, Neill Blomkamp's persistence is resulting in a new, stand-alone Alien film but the only hints as to what may be heading our way, was through some concept art. Now we have more clues thanks to an exclusive Sky Movies interview with Blomkamp and Ripley herself, Sigourney Weaver.

The Blomkamp-directed, Ridley Scott-produced film will hopefully start production next year and since this is Blomkamp's next project, that goal will most likely be met. We can hope.

So what does he have in store for us? He reveals, “I want this film to feel like it is literally the genetic sibling of Aliens, so it’s Alien, Aliens and then this film.” He also stated, “It’s a Freudian nightmare. That element to me is what is so appealing; to put the audience on the edge of their seat the whole time in a traditional, monster-stalking-you, dark-corridor-way. I love that. And then when you mix in all of the deign elements and the life cycle of the alien, it’s a powder keg of creativity for me.”

So far, so good but how does Weaver feel? She mentions, “I would love to take Ripley out of sort of orbiting around in space and give a proper finish to what was such an excellent story. So when someone like Neill Blomkamp said, ‘Well, I’m interested in finishing the story,’ my little ears perked up… I think it’s a great series. It deserves a proper ending—I know the fans would love that.”

Would we? It should be interesting to see how this pans out and we'll keep you posted on any more luscious bites on this film. UPDATE: The video has been made private but the quotes above are the meat of the one and a half minute interview.

-Larissa Mrykalo

Lady Gaga Joins the Fifth Installment of 'American Horror Story'

Courtesy Miss Gaga's Twitter
After her amazing performance at this year's Oscar's, Lady Gaga is on fire...more than usual. Now it's been confirmed that she will be a regular cast member of the fifth series of FX's American Horror Story. The details about the season are lacking but she just took to Twitter and revealed the title.

In the creepy promo (click here) in which she urges us to "Make your reservation now," she rips off her black mask and whispers, "Hotel." Vague. Not as catchy as title such as "Asylum" or "Freak Show," but we'll have to wait and see. It probably won't be your standard Holiday Inn.

Recently, the CEO of FX Networks, John Landgraf revealed that season five will be "very different" than the previous installments and, "One of the things I love so much about that is that it can be radically, radically reinvented in terms of tone, setting, period, characters, cast. I think there's going to be an unusually large reinvention in between Book 4 and Book 5 relative to, say, between Book 3 [Coven] and 4 [Freak Show]."

I think the Mother Monster will make a splendidly creepy addition to the season. Reviews have been pretty mixed on "Freak Show" so maybe a new direction is just the thing AHS needs. Of course, it also needs Jessica Lange so they better get on that. Fingers and toes crossed but last season was supposedly her last. The series will return in October.

 We'll keep you posted on any new developments.

-Larissa Mrykalo

'Face Off' Recap: 'Queen Bees'

All photos courtesy Syfy

Ten contestants remain and this week's challenge has them getting up close and personal with nature in all of its au naturel glory. Get your popcorn ready folks because it's about to be Unhappy Naked Time. Let's do this.

Rayce is concerned that his team has dropped the past two Spotlight Challenges but he's confident that his remaining team members are equal to the task. This is what's known as 'foreshadowing.'

Foundation Challenge
The contestants are to use a hat to inspire an original character of their own. Special guest judge for this challenge is Lois Burwell and she's looking for technique, skill, and a clean make-up. The prize for winning this challenge is immunity in the spotlight challenge. If they only knew exactly how much is on the line.

Logan - Ship's hat so he made a dead ship's captain. Yeah, I don't know either.
Rob - Top hat so naturally he went with an evil Pinocchio
Emily - She chose a chandelier so made and emperor's daughter
Kelly - Some sort of giant busy box so she did a Willy Wonka of the toy world
Jamie- evil Victorian
Darla - nomadic warrior

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

'Sleepy Hollow' Recap: 'Tempus Fugit'


Last week Katrina went full-on evil after the death of Henry so of course the only logical thing to do was head to the past and not save Ichabod in the first place but Abbie hitched a ride and ended up in colonial Sleepy Hollow which, given it was a good 200 years before the Civil Rights Act, well, let's just say it's not a happy match. I'm not ready to say good-bye to Crane, Abbie, Jenny or Irving yet (though Katrina can go hang for all I care.) (See what I did there?) Let's do this.

On the fateful battlefield, Crane is given notice that a strange woman has information for him that will change the course of the war. Sigh. Fine, what do you want? I know of your special mission and the Hessian. By pulling him off the battlefield, Crane missed his date with destiny and Katrina is distraught that Crane isn't in the hospital for her to kill. Ungrateful bastard. Dude, I'm trying to save your life and the world here. All right, the short version: you were supposed to die on the battlefield and end up in suspended animation until we meet 200 years in the future and now things are screwed up so we have to unscrew it. You know, no big deal.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

'Helix' Recap: 'M. Domestica'

Courtesy Syfy

When we left off, Jules was chasing Caleb who stole Hatake's sword, Michael killed Agnes because there is another Immortal and her whole life has been based on a lie, Alan was captured, broke free, and was captured again, Amy's in the evil honey business and Peter just dug himself a hole he'll never get out of. Oh, and what's going on with the Zombie Fungus Folks in the woods? Y'all ready? Let's do this.

Two someones are enjoying a roll in the hay and those someones are Julia and...Sergio? Anana, we hardly knew ye. Seriously, is there anyone left that she hasn't slept with because damn girl. Except she calls Alan's name, not Sergio's. Or Peter's. Huh, guess you weren't that great after all Peter. That sound you heard was the remainder of Peter's ego sailing over Niagra Falls. She's missed the board meeting because pleasure before business or some nonsense like that. It's a pretty big deal as Ilaria is tired of human mucking up the planet and so Operation Release the Narvik-C is on the table for launching. Don't think of it as genocide, think of it as more of a 'cleansing.' Julia's been working on a non-lethal version but that's 50 - 100 years off and Immortals certainly don't have time like that to wait. Fine, let's put it to a vote: all in favor of wiping out humanity say 'Aye.' And the 'Ayes' have it. Well this is certainly awkward.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

New "Alien" Film Confirmed

Courtesy Neill Blomkamp's Instagram
After months of speculation and teasing, it was just confirmed that there will indeed be a new Alien film. The sci-fi project is being developed by 20th Century Fox and they have closed a deal with director Neill Blomkamp, according to Variety.

The film is also not associated with Fox and Ridley Scott's Prometheus sequel. Blomkamp just posted his confirmation on Instagram proclaiming, "Um... So I think it's officially my next film. #alien"

We'll keep you posted on any new details but would love to hear what you think. I know I'm bursting at the chest with excitement!

-Larissa Mrykalo

'Face Off' Recap: 'Troll Bridge'

These are not the trolls you are looking for.

Eleven contestants remain for a trip to Fantasyland and actor Doug Jones is in the house! Let's do this.

Anthony has been in the bottom looks twice in a row now and is hella nervous so gets the narrative edit. He doesn't want to go home and newsflash bro, no one does. But enough about him, it's time for a field the LA river which if we're being honest here looks less like a river and more like a storm drain. No matter, tis a famous Hollywood site but more importantly, has bridges. And what goes with bridges but trolls?

For their Spotlight Challenge, they are each to pick an iconic bridge and create the troll that lives beneath it. Oh, and make sure to include the city and cultural setting into the creation as well because Doug Jones will be coaching your models on how to act like trolls based on your design. So, you know, no pressure or anything. They get to work sketching and all I can think is that I really hope Zuko and Crater-face are not going to race down there again.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

'Sleepy Hollow' Recap: 'Awakening'


You guys, things go downhill quickly when you're no longer certain of whom your allies are. Let's do this.

A massive psychic blast rings through the town square possessing three people but it passes as quickly as it arrived. Ah, it was Henry. Enough said. But what is he doing this time? As if that's not enough, Jenny catches up with Crane and Abbie to let them know that Irving's been compromised. My, the news just keeps getting better and better but one crisis at a time please.

The victims were all in the same vicinity but were in total fugue state. Strange, it seemed like Serilda, Andy Brooks and Solomon Kent in that they all exhibited magical powers. And there is this bell here which was cast from the same one as in Philadelphia. The famous crack? Ichabod of course. But it was for a secret mission for General Washington so drink your drink. The bell causes people to display powers of witchcraft so Katrina would be the logical expert except not so much. She's been a bit distant recently, you know, doing blood magic to call Henry to her. The darkness released, he sees her as an ally, not an enemy. I killed Moloch to save you Mother and I have so much to tell you. Tea?