Discovery+ Unveils March Paranormal Programming Highlights

The still-new Discovery+ streaming service continues to heavily lean into the paranormal and unexplained genre this March with a sizable rollout of spooky programming. From new episodes of Paranormal Caught on Camera (featuring our own Aaron Sagers), to new Holzer Files, and the season finale of Kindred Spirits, there is a lot for fans to take in. Additionally, we'll be seeing new shows premiering, such as Aliens in Alaska, Nostradamus: End of Days, Fright Club, and Mountain Monsters: By the Fire.

What are you looking forward to in March?


New Episodes, Now Streaming on discovery+

Some of the most amazing, eye-opening and downright scary paranormal videos from around the world are featured as a panel of experts break down the footage and analyze what exactly the eyewitnesses captured. Insights from some of the most knowledgeable specialists in the field and firsthand accounts from the people lucky enough – or perhaps unlucky enough – to witness these strange phenomena for themselves just might make a believer of even the biggest skeptics out there. [Hour-long episodes]


“Haunted Goldfield Hotel and More” – Begins Streaming Friday, March 5

A woman is attacked by ghosts at a notoriously haunted Nevada hotel. A Swedish lake monster interrupts a man's morning cup of coffee. Large triangular UFOs loom over Bolivia and New York.


“Rainbow Portal in Connecticut and More” – Begins Streaming Friday, March 12

A colorful anomaly in the sky dazzles onlookers in Connecticut. A parade of orbs floats through an abandoned Texas jail. An alienesque monolith pops up in the remote Utah wilderness. All this and much more paranormal footage you have to see to believe!


New Series, Now Streaming on discovery+

Alaska is a hotbed for UFO sightings, abductions and extraterrestrial encounters. Why are these otherworldly visitors drawn to America's last frontier? Shocking new evidence and personal testimony from local witnesses shed light on the alien activity. [Hour-long episodes]

“Night Stalkers” – Begins Streaming Monday, March 1

An extraterrestrial stalker leaves a family frozen in fear outside of Juneau. A maritime monster nearly capsizes an aircraft on Alaska's famed Lake Iliamna. A hunter thwarts an attempted abduction by a fireball-spitting UFO.


“They Walk Among Us” – Begins Streaming Monday, March 8

Hunters unearth new clues about Bigfoot's cosmic origins. An Air Force veteran receives a shocking response when he reports UFO activity over Fairbanks. Piercing lights from above disrupt a late-night party near Wasilla, Alaska.


New Episodes, Now Streaming on discovery+

Former NYPD homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi and physical medium Amy Allan are back on the case. In each episode of THE DEAD FILES, DiSchiavi and Allan first investigate each case separately. Utilizing his detective skills, DiSchiavi interviews witnesses and experts, and researches the history and facts behind each location. Allan, a physical medium who sees and communicates with the dead, assesses the property to identify what underlying entities reside there. Keeping their findings hidden from each other, the team avoids all contact with one another – coming together only at the very end to reveal their shocking discoveries to the property owners, and each other. [Hour-long episodes]


“The Deadly Picture Show” – Begins Streaming Monday, March 1

Steve DiSchiavi and Amy Allan investigate the historic Silent Movie Theatre in Los Angeles. Phantom footsteps, disembodied voices and physical assaults have the staff on edge, and the manager fears the worst is yet to come if he can't get the sinister activity under control.


“Death’s Gallery” – Begins Streaming Monday, March 8

Steve DiSchiavi and Amy Allan investigate a Lancaster, California, museum that's under attack by an evil presence. The manager fears if they don't put an end to the supernatural siege, the dead will assume full control and force the museum to close its doors for good.



New Series, Now Streaming on discovery+

In a frighteningly friendly competition to freak each other out with the creepiest, craziest paranormal evidence ever caught on camera, Jack Osbourne and the Ghost Brothers – Dalen Spratt, Marcus Harvey and Juwan Mass – each reveal the most mind-blowing supernatural footage they can find. They'll speak to the terrified eyewitnesses who captured it, get insight from psychic mediums, ufologists, cryptozoologists and other renowned experts, before deciding on each episode's “nightmare clip” – the one that haunts your dreams and keeps you up at night! [Hour-long episodes]

“Misty Business” – Begins Streaming Tuesday, March 2

Jack Osbourne, Dalen Spratt, Marcus Harvey and Juwan Mass try to scare the hell out of each other with paranormal evidence of uninvited spectral houseguests, a fleet of UFOs, a mind-blowing mirror mishap and an imaginary friend who isn't so imaginary.


“Ghosts Gone Wild” – Begins Streaming Tuesday, March 9

Jack Osbourne and the Ghost Brothers strive to astonish each other with creepy paranormal evidence of a poltergeist picking on a pair of pugs, a glowing donut-shaped UFO and hilariously disturbing footage of ghosts getting freaky in an old brothel.



New Series, Now Streaming on discovery+

This all-new eight-episode series reveals exactly how the world will end, and what will be behind it, as predicted by history’s greatest prophet, Nostradamus. Combining the infamous seer’s ancient words with paintings from a mysterious lost book bearing his name, the series decodes new prophecies and causes of the world’s demise. Nostradamus saw the impending apocalypse 500 years ago, and now it’s up to experts to reveal the terrifying truth his visions can prepare us for. These groundbreaking interpretations uncover the destruction soon to be inflicted upon us by earthquakes, floods, fire, nuclear war, disease, asteroid strikes and more. Are you prepared? [Hour-long episodes]

“Nuclear Apocalypse” – Begins Streaming Tuesday, March 2

Nostradamus prophesied nuclear terror attacks would destroy humankind and decimate the planet. Scholars analyze his horrific predictions to find out when we will face our radioactive apocalypse.


“Death From Space” – Begins Streaming Tuesday, March 9

Nostradamus predicted gigantic asteroids would smash into land and sea, obliterating everything and everyone on Earth. Scholars decode his prophecies to determine when our world will be shattered from above.



New Episodes, Now Streaming on discovery+

After a groundbreaking freshman run, THE HOLZER FILES returns with all-new investigations, from a woman's terrifying dreams that seem to bleed over into reality in her family's coastal home to the origin of the hauntings that lie in a strange rock formation. Led by investigator Dave Schrader, psychic medium Cindy Kaza and equipment technician Shane Pittman, THE HOLZER FILES investigates terrifying true hauntings from the recently discovered case files of America’s first ghost hunter, Dr. Hans Holzer. Recognized as the “father of the paranormal,” Holzer’s legendary four-decade exploration into disturbing hauntings like the Amityville Horror house helped spawn legions of supernatural enthusiasts, more than 120 books and even inspired Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis to write “Ghostbusters.” Now, with the help of Holzer’s daughter, Alexandra Holzer, Travel Channel exclusively reopens Holzer’s most captivating case files – digging into thousands of documents, letters, photographs and chilling audio and visual recordings dating back to the 1950s. [Hour-long episodes]

“Don't Send Them to Heaven” – Begins Streaming Saturday, March 6

In 1968, Hans Holzer fled an unassuming farmhouse out of fear of possession at the hands of a powerful entity. Reports of the current owner’s paranormal encounters sends the team to Waterford, Maine, to confront the dark presence haunting the historic home.


“Dead Calm” – Begins Streaming Saturday, March 13

The team embark on an investigation unlike any other aboard the completely empty and notoriously haunted Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. They discover an unsettling presence Hans Holzer confronted in 1976 has risen to the surface, and it just may pull them under.



New Episodes, Now Streaming on discovery+

Professional paranormal investigators Amy Bruni, Adam Berry and psychic medium Chip Coffey are facing hauntings unlike anything they’ve seen yet in the new season of KINDRED SPIRITS. Bruni, Berry and Coffey dig deep into the past to identify the restless spirits haunting America’s oldest inns, homes and estates. Utilizing a range of tools and techniques, their multilayered investigations tackle frightening tales of possession, aggressive entities and more. Together, the team elicit shocking evidence and connections with the other side that lead them closer to the truth, as they search for answers behind each haunted tale. [Hour-long episodes]


SEASON FINALE: “Hidden Passage” – Begins Streaming Saturday, March 6

Amy Bruni, Adam Berry and Chip Coffey face a residential crisis as they investigate a sudden haunting in Massachusetts. The case takes a bizarre turn when it appears a family member’s actions control the aggressive entity.


New Episodes, Now Streaming on discovery+

The EXPEDITION BIGFOOT team – Bryce Johnson, Dr. Mireya Mayor, Russell Acord and Ronny LeBlanc – have reassembled to respond to the uptick in Bigfoot sightings, just this year. Using an advanced data algorithm, they are honing in on a massive swath of forest in southeast Kentucky, where the mathematical odds of a Bigfoot encounter are greatly increased. This year, their analysis has uncovered something new – possible Bigfoot migratory patterns that may reveal precisely where the legendary beasts will be and when they will be there. Using the latest in advanced technologies, evidence of Bigfoot begins to pile up – including vocalizations, unexplained structures, DNA samples and massive footprints that no man could have left behind. [Hour-long episodes]


“The Government Knows” – Begins Streaming Sunday, March 7

Strange unmarked helicopters fly overhead as Russell Acord, Ronny LeBlanc and Mireya Mayor try to make sense of abnormal thermal images they captured near a river. Bryce Johnson reaches out to former federal agent Ben Hansen to get to the bottom of the suspicious activity.

“Lake Fear” – Begins Streaming Sunday, March 14

Russell Acord tracks an unknown creature to a mysterious lake hidden in the mountains. The team enlists a thermal drone to scout the potential Bigfoot hideout but soon realize they are the ones being watched.



New Episodes, Now Streaming on discovery+

The surviving members of the AIMS team meet up for the first time after Trapper’s passing to discuss the team's future and embark on brand-new adventures Trapper had set up for them before he passed. Equipped with his personal journal filled with everything he ever learned about the woods, the team travel to the mountains of the Tygart Valley on a mission to prove that there are still wolves in West Virginia. A bounty was put on them, and the last wolf was said to have been killed in 1900. As the team investigates, they soon believe that not only are there wolves in the Tygart Valley, but something much more mysterious and deadly. Throughout the season, the team learn from locals of massive K9 cryptids with glowing red eyes that inhabit the land and are known by locals as Smoke Wolves. As they dig deeper, they realize that Trapper, in fact, knew about these creatures back in the 1970s. [Hour-long episodes]


SEASON FINALE: New Episode – Begins Streaming Sunday, March 7

Episode description TBD



New Series, Now Streaming on discovery+

The AIMS team gather around a rip-roaring campfire to watch fan-favorite episodes of MOUNTAIN MONSTERS. They add colorful commentary, swap hilarious behind-the-scenes stories and share never-before-seen footage and bloopers, all while making fun of each other as only this group of bearded brothers can. [Hour-long episodes]

“The Hellhound” – Begins Streaming Sunday, March 7

The AIMS team gather around a campfire to look back at their wild pursuit of a freakishly fast canine in Kentucky. The guys revisit an iconic piece of video evidence and give a rare look at Wild Bill's unforgettable exercise regimen.


“The Bear Beast” – Begins Streaming Sunday, March 14

The AIMS team gather around a campfire to revisit their hunt for a red-eyed menace in the hills of West Virginia. They recall their deadly showdown with the 1,500-pound beast and get a visit from Elvis.

Ghost Adventures Checks into the Cecil Hotel: Zak Bagans on Investigating the Crime Landmark


In Stephen King’s novel The Shining, the Overlook Hotel is an expansive structure with a dark past, located in the remote Rocky Mountains. Despite its opulent beginnings, the hotel becomes a place where brutal murders occur, madness sets in, ghosts lurk, and evil itself is a permanent occupant.

Relocate King’s Overlook to Downtown Los Angeles’ Skid Row, and you have its closest real-world equivalent: the Cecil Hotel. The hotel’s checkered history, and lore involving curses and ghosts, has made it a dark tourism landmark situated at the crossroads of true crime and paranormal fascination. But despite lots of interest on the internet, the Cecil, since rebranded as Stay on Main Hotel, has never officially permitted cameras inside for a paranormal investigation.

Until now. Enter Zak Bagans.

(Disclaimer: I have previously worked with Zak Bagans on television shows, and currently appear as an expert on the Travel Channel series Paranormal Caught on Camera.)

Executive producer and star of Ghost Adventures, the long-running paranormal reality series on Travel Channel, Bagans leads his team of investigators on an exploration of a location he calls “spectacularly frightening” in Ghost Adventures: Cecil Hotel, a two-hour special streaming exclusively on the new Discovery+ service.

For fans of the ghost-TV genre, Ghost Adventures: Cecil Hotel boasts evidence of scratches, disembodied voices, light anomalies, a faucet seemingly turned on by an invisible force, and more. But regardless of one’s personal beliefs about the unexplained, the special lives up to its hype of a “first time ever” examination of the infamous hotel.

Bagans tells Den of Geek the special is also a culmination of a decade-long pursuit that began “before Elisa even died.”

The “Elisa” that Bagans refers to is Elisa Lam, a 21-year-old Canadian student with a kind, sarcastic sense of humor who loved fashion and Harry Potter; she frequently blogged observations about guys she liked, figuring out a place in the world, as well as her own insecurities and mental health struggles. Lam was a daughter and sister, and a real person on a journey of self-discovery before her life ended too soon, and she made the Cecil internet famous. 

While on a solo trip to California in 2013, she went missing and died while staying at the hotel. An elevator surveillance video showed the young woman acting erratically as she pushed buttons, paced in and out of the elevator, and even appeared to be hiding from someone. Her body was discovered in a rooftop water tank weeks after she disappeared. Despite her death being ruled accidental, with her bipolar disorder deemed a contributing factor, questions remained.

But before that two-and-half minute viral video made Lam a popular topic for podcasts — and before American Horror Story: Hotel drew inspiration from the landmark’s past — the Cecil’s reputation was more tied to tragedy than travel despite its beginnings in 1924 as an LA destination, complete with a grandiose lobby.

Multiple suicides took place at the Cecil as well as infanticide and the unsolved murder of Goldie Osgood in 1964. Elizabeth Short, aka the Black Dahlia, was reportedly seen in the hotel bar in the days leading up to her murder in 1947, and two serial killers are known to have stayed there – including Richard Ramirez, who committed a murder spree in the 1980s, and the investigation of whom is the focus of the Netflix documentary series Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer.

“I knew the history of Richard Ramirez there, and the deaths, and knew it was a big creepy building,” Bagans says.

Although prior attempts to gain permission to film there had been rejected, he thinks maybe the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing shutdowns convinced the hotel’s owners to allow it because of the location fee paid by production. “Or maybe they had things happening to themselves and had enough of it,” Bagans says.

Either way, Cecil fits neatly into Bagans’ pursuits, and it comes as no surprise that the hotel has long been on his bucket list. He has a fascination with the darker sides of this world — as well as the next. When not investigating the paranormal on television, he collects and exhibits haunted dolls and possessed possessions, along with “murderabilia” from serial killers, such as drawings by Ramirez.

“I collect his things. I have his death row TV, his sketches, his clothing,” says Bagans before adding, “I study these people.” Bagans says he even visited the Concordia cemetery in El Paso, Texas, where Ramirez “got started” and was said to practice satanic rituals.

As a result, Bagans believes that Ramirez was engaged in a “top-tier possession” with the horrors he was committing ultimately in the devil’s name. Bagans doesn’t give a pass to the murderer but does theorize that the serial killer was generating more negative energy and entities at the hotel.

Saying he believes the Cecil is “saturated with dark energies,” he thinks Ramirez’s satanic rituals added an evil residue to the building. Interestingly, however, Bagans also thinks there’s something supernatural about the grounds upon which the building stands.

Though he references The Shining, he says he also thinks of the Cecil like the vampire-infested strip club in From Dusk Till Dawn. In the final shot of the film, it’s revealed the club sits atop an Aztec temple. Bagans equates the hotel to this, saying it’s part of some ancient “machine.”

“I’ve been to a lot of places throughout the world, but when you walk through the doors of the Cecil Hotel, you know there are other doorways to other worlds,” he says. “If we were to see deeper dimensionally, you would see all these other doors and rooms, and I believe it goes way down into the earth and draws a lot of energy through the earth. It is then magnified by the dark energy and criminal activity of Skid Row, and amplified by the rituals [serial killer] Jack Unterweger and Richard Ramirez did.”

For the Discovery+ special, Bagans says he wanted to be delicate when discussing the circumstances of Lam’s death. He references the hotel’s history of suicide, and murder attributed to temporary insanity, and believes malevolent energies fed off her mental illness and influenced her.

It is admittedly a problematic theory for skeptics and non-believers of the paranormal, but Bagans — like many with lingering questions about Lam’s strange death — looks to her past behavior as telling. Lam had previously disappeared and required treatment but wasn’t known to have suicidal ideations. There were no unusual drugs detected in her system and the initial cause of death was deemed inconclusive.

“It didn’t make sense she was having a manic episode,” he says. “From my research, no one was able to say she had had a manic episode this bad before. If she was having an episode and acting that bad, how could she have taken such a calculated journey to end up in that water tank under that manic sense?”

While Bagans strives not to diminish Lam’s death, he says, “that building has the power to mess with your mind.” During the investigation he says teammate Aaron Goodwin was overcome with feelings of rage, and that his interviewees, including a crime scene photographer, were so disturbed they often needed to leave the hotel.

“You don’t know what you’re feeling there. There’s too many spirits, too much energy.”

Indeed, during the course of the special, the Ghost Adventures crew believe they encounter several spirits, including those of Lam, Ramirez, Osgood, and more. 

For Bagans, investigating Cecil, or even conducting interviews about it, only serves to charge the battery of this machine. But, quoting his favorite film, 1992’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula, he says, “there is much to be learned from beasts.” Bagans is seeking to understand the unknown despite the risks.

Whether or not viewers of Ghost Adventures: Cecil Hotel choose to share his paranormal theories about the building — or simply view it as a strange nexus of true crime — Bagans says there is no denying its inescapable reputation.

“You can renovate it, change the name, or paint it a different color, but you’re never going to erase the darkness of the Cecil Hotel.”

Ghost Adventures: Cecil Hotel is available to stream on Discovery+.

Does Star Wars and Men in Black Occur in the Same Universe?

Even though the events in the Star Wars saga took place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far way, they were so memorable they are still influencing life in this galaxy, right here on planet Earth, in modern times. At least, that seems to be the case in the Men in Black universe, where the aliens of Star Wars might possibly exist.

The 1997 film Men in Black introduced audiences to the secret MiB agency that manages and polices the affairs of extraterrestrials living on our planet, but who hide from normal humans. Starring Will Smith as rookie MiB Agent J and Tommy Lee Jones as veteran Agent K, the movie was a massive success, cemented Smith's status as an A-list movie star, and launched a franchise.
But it also revealed who the "real" aliens are among the celebrity set. During his first day of on-the-job orientation Agent J is shown a display of some of the famous faces living on Earth who are actually aliens in disguise.

Devil’s Road: Judy Spera Details Life Growing Up As A Warren


When a child grows up with famous parents, it means dealing with overly eager fans, and invasive reporters. But for Judy Spera, the daughter of Ed and Lorraine Warren – arguably the most well-known paranormal investigators ever --  growing up with famous parents also meant dealing with dark forces, and one notoriously haunted doll.

Spera was an adult in her twenties by the time her parents gained mainstream attention for their work with the paranormal in the mid-70s. But before the Lindley Street Poltergeist case in Bridgeport, Connecticut, in 1974, or the Amityville Horror, and long before The Conjuring film franchise, Spera’s parents sold Ed’s artwork, and carved out a decent life for their daughter. Ed grew up in a haunted house, and Lorraine was a clairvoyant, and though they had explored unexplained phenomena for years, theirs was a normal existence compared to the talk show appearances, lectures across the globe, and attention that was to come.

And in the Travel Channel documentary, Devil’s Road: The True Story of Ed and Lorraine Warren, Judy Spera opens up about life with her paranormal investigator parents. The special includes rare audio and video from Warren cases. But Spera’s involvement is likewise rare due to her reluctance to be involved with most projects about her parents.

Ed died in 2006, and Lorraine in 2019, so Judy, along with her husband Tony Spera, are the caretakers of the Warren legacy – although it is a legacy she is hesitant to continue. In the following interview, Spera discusses what it’s like to grow up haunted. Along with responding to critics of her parents, she opens up about “that doll” Annabelle (safely contained in the since-closed occult museum her parents left her), her own potential psychic abilities, and what might be next for the Warren name.

Dan Aykroyd on busting out ghost stories on Hotel Paranormal


When it comes to paranormal stories, you should listen to Dan Aykroyd. The actor, writer and filmmaker is best known as parapsychologist Dr. Ray Stantz from Ghostbusters, the 1984 movie he co-wrote. But the origins of Aykroyd’s belief in the paranormal has origins in his upbringing as a Spiritualist in Ottawa, Ontario.

Raised with the philosophy that communicating with the dead is a positive practice, Aykroyd’s Spiritualism is a family matter; his great-grandfather Sam was a prominent member of the religious movement, and his father Peter is the author of “A History of Ghosts,” which explores the rise of the public fascination with Spiritualism. Moreover, Aykroyd is a UFO enthusiast, and previously hosted the Canadian paranormal series Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal, co-created by his brother Peter Aykroyd, Jr.


Now, Dan Aykroyd brings his love of the unexplained to Hotel Paranormal, the new Travel Channel series where the erstwhile Dr. Stantz presents stories of strange happenings occurring in everything from roadside motels to luxury spots across the globe. Premiering July 11, the series features chilling accounts, alongside re-enactments and eyewitness footage from those who check into a hotel, and believe they are sharing a room with someone, or something, that never checked out.


On a personal note, this is not the first time I’ve interviewed Dan. After some previous conversations with him about his Crystal Head Vodka and having a chat with both him and his father, we delve right into the paranormal. In the interview that follows, we discuss his family’s connection to Spiritualism, as well as his own Hotel Paranormal experiences, the potential ghost of John Belushi, and what he thinks about that psychokinetic Twinkie in 2020.

The Osbournes return to TV with new paranormal show, alongside believer Jack

The circle, it would seem, is complete. The Osbournes are returning in a new paranormal show. After the MTV series The Osbournes concluded in 2005, Ozzy, Jack, and Sharon are teaming up for The Osbournes Want to Believe, a "caught on camera" Travel Channel series.

Debuting Aug. 2 at 10 p.m., the new series is based around the concept of Jack convincing his parents of the paranormal. Of course, Jack has had a stake in the paranormal for some time now. Jack currently produces and stars with Katrina Weidman on Travel Channel's Portals to Hell. Prior to that, he appeared on the Syfy paranormal series Haunted Highway aired from 2012-2013, and with his father on Ozzy and Jack's World Tour on History, where they visited Roswell, New Mexico, and haunted locations in New Orleans. 

However, the new series combines all of the previous elements for a return of sorts where the "first family of darkness," but borderline skeptics weigh in on the "most jaw-dropping videos of supernatural activity ever caught on camera," according to the Travel press release.

Interestingly, the production company behind the show is Meetinghouse Productions, the same team behind Travel Channel's Paranormal Caught On Camera (which I appear on, in full disclosure). So Meetinghouse knows how to seek out footage. Add to that, the commentary of Sharon, Ozzy, and Jack as they check out allegedly haunted dolls, and Harry & The Hendersons, and this sounds like an entertaining combination that might capture some of the old MTV magic. 

Check out the press release below for The Osbournes Want To Believe: