'Paranormal Activity' director lands deal for alien flick, 'Area 51'

From "beyond the grave" to "beam me up," Variety is reporting Paranormal Activity helmer Oren Peli has landed a deal with Paramount Pictures to distribute his alien flick, Area 51.

The partnership re-teams Peli and Paramount after Activity, shot for around $11,000, made $106 million since September - making it one of the most profitable films ever. Despite bids for U.S. distribution rights from other studios, Paramount nabbed the deal because of how it "effectively executed the rollout as the film built word of mouth and became a breakout hit."

This time Peli had about $5 million to work with to tell the story of teens who stumble onto the Nevada military base around which much extraterrestrial conspiracies revolve. As with the demon-themed Paranormal Activity, Area 51 will utilize the found footage narrative structure. A release date is expected sometime in 2010.


Anonymous said...

The Real area 51 has been nothing more than a decoy!
Area 51 refers to a 4,687 square mile, approximately 100 miles Northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada near Groom Lake. During the Cold War it was used to develop and test new spy planes mainly the U-2. The area was also used to test nuclear weapons. However the US government used to claims that it simply doesn't exist.
For years now reports from “area 51” have been leaked to the media, old men who fear for their lives come out and report of alien atrocities and our militaries attempts to keep it under wraps. This is all just smoke and mirrors. The so called eye witness accounts are fabricated in order to keep the attention away from the real area 51s yes that is right there are two of them one located in Montana and the other in Oregon. Around 1973 through 1977 The Government removed all evidence of extraterrestrial existence out of (Area 51 prime) to the other locations. Then started leaking secrets about the base being careful to use less than credible sources. I’m not 100% sure about the why on this one. I can only surmise that they had thought someone was going to blow the whistle about the base for real. So they were silenced to send a message and the base was moved to create confusion. My time is short on this subject because it is highly monitored. So until my next correspondence keep your minds open and your eyes wide The conspiracy guy