Didn't you know? 'The Wolfman' ripped off 'Twilight'

There's not much to add to this delicious bit of reader mail that was sent to George Roush of LatinoReview.com. It's a letter accusing Universal Pictures of ripping off Stephenie Meyer's New Moon werewolves in The Wolfman - you know, the remake of their own 1941 film?

If this wasn't so hilarious, the idiocy on parade here would be tragic. I blame the schools.
To whom this may concern:
This movie was a complete waste and I feel that it offends ALL Twilight Fans around the world, that including myself. For one, it was a COMPLETE remaking of the Wolf Pack from the Twilight Saga: New Moon. It gives the werewolves a bad name and makes them look like some deformed mutation of a rabid dog. I actually started to like werewolves after seeing Jacob Black and all his awesomeness on the big screen at the movies. That was until I saw your crappy remake of what you call to be a "were wolf". I don't see how you live with yourself for making it the way you did. If I made this movie, I would be ashamed to even admit that I owned it. How can a werewolf be killed with a silver bullet? Better yet, have you saw the transformation of the man that is "supposed" to be the wolf? He sits in some chair and his entire body turns in to some mutated freak. If you would watch the transformation of Jacob Black, (Taylor Lautner) he doesn't come close to looking as fake, cheap and or mutated as the wolf man. You tell me, who looks to be the better werewolf. Your stupid Wolf Movie didn't even make the top Movie for the charts; Valentines Day WITH TAYLOR Lautner! Get that this is MY oppinion and I felt I wanted to express it because I saw that your email was on your site. I wanted to let you know this is what i thought of the wolf man that sucks.


Unknown said...

OK. First off let me start by saying that we get it. You have a massive crush on Taylor Lautner. On a more serious note, this person is seriously off. If you are going to argue with a topic, make sure you have your facts straight. Jacob Black was not a werewolf. He was a shape shifter. If this person could see past the "Huge Biceps" of Taylor and read the book, then they would see the difference. At the beginning of the book, the story is that the old Quileute leader could have taken the form of any animal. By chance he chose to become a wolf. After he made that commitment, then those selected of the tribe would be born into the same fate. Shape-shifter. Not werewolf. Whatever happened to good old fashioned, down to earth, reading a book. You get alot more out of a movie if you read the book. Take the first step. READ A BOOK!