NY Times: Vampires are big trend; Also, swimming pools refreshing in summer

As much as I respect the NY Times, and still read the printed version on Sundays, some of their trend pieces read as if they were conceived of by an emailing relative who just got the Neiman Marcus cookie forward for the first time.

In a July 1 "Fashion & Style" story titled "A Trend With Teeth," the Gray Lady writes that vampires are the pop-culture sex symbols of the moment.


I really want to pat the Times on the head for their cutting edge journalism here, but this doesn't pass the "no duh" test. The Twilight saga has filmed its first sequel, True Blood is in the second season, Let The Right One In came out last fall, etc.

A year ago, maybe more, this would have been worth noting, but now? Instead, if you want to hear about the next big thing, let me tell you about a little boy wizard and his scar...