SpookTube? Paranormal TV channel to launch on Web

Sometimes a great idea comes along that makes us ask ourselves A) This doesn’t already exist? B)Why didn’t we think of this?

That’s the thought process we had when we heard about the Paranormal Television Network, which is coming soon to an Internet near you. The Web-based, viewer-driven channel is spearheaded by superstar paranormal researcher John Zaffis and Laura Kimberley, executive director of the International Paranormal Acknowledgement Awards, and Marc Tetlow, the CEO of Ideal Event Management.

Tentatively scheduled for a July 24 launch, PTN will offer global content and approach the paranormal field “not just from the scientific approach, but the spiritual approach,” says Kimberley.

“We want to take everybody out there around the world, no matter what category [under the paranormal umbrella], showcase them, and give them that platform … It’s going to change the way things are viewed.”

While Kimberley says she can’t discuss the exact lineup yet, they’re looking at show demos sent in to the Web site, and they hope to include paranormal music videos, comedy and documentaries - along with the educational aspect sometimes left on the cutting-room floor of some paranormal pop culture. And if the banner of the PTN site is any indication, it looks like Kimberley and crew are going to be embracing the fun of paranormal so often overlooked.

For John Zaffis, a noted demonologist and nephew of Ed and Lorraine Warren – the paranormal investigators of the Amityville case – this is “one of the very few ventures with the media I’m comfortable with.”

Zaffis has already discussed his work on the Discovery Channel and “Unsolved Mysteries,” and his cases have been the basis for movies like “The Haunting In Connecticut.”

He says one aspect that excites him about his PTN involvement includes discussing the possessed possessions he has in his private museum. “I want to move forward with my museum show. Once a week I’ll be talking about one or two of the objects in the paranormal museum. It’s going to be me speaking directly about the item.”

Keep posted as more details emerge about PTN, but if Kimberley is right and “TV eventually is going to be all on the Internet,” then we’ll continue to kick ourselves for not thinking of this idea first.