The first bite: Official 'Piranha 3-D' trailer

I love Joe Dante's original 1978 Piranha. It was camp-tastic and managed to be gory while spoofing Jaws. Plus, it introduced the world to the genius of Operation: Razorteeth - which I still think could've been a viable national defense strategy (look it up).

Anyhow, everything I've been hearing about the new Piranha 3-D is encouraging, and the trailer (after the jump) lives up to my expectations so far. Aside from the swarms of cryptozoological chomping fish, the Aug. 27 release appears to have nothing to do with the original, but director Alexandre Aja (along with a cast that includes Adam Scott, Elisabeth Shue, Jerry O'Connell and Ving Rhames) seems to be honoring the original by restarting the franchise with a maximum overdrive bloody carnage proud B-grade flick that unleashes hungry buggers on a debauched, drunken Spring Break.

Aja promised MTV the movie would have "3-D double-D boobs" and a wet T-shirt contest climax (hosted by Eli Roth) with thousands of spring breakers on the water "when the piranhas come and start attacking everyone; it’s almost 25 minutes of a huge massacre, and it’s really insane."

As if that's not encouraging enough, comic actor Adam Scott revealed this to the Onion A.V. Club:

Apparently it’s the bloodiest movie in history, which is easy to believe, because at the lake we were shooting at, they had a tanker truck filled with fake blood that would just pump into the lake continually during this one massacre scene ... from what I’ve seen, it has a sense of humor about itself, and it’s also really scary and really, really violent. I would call it a popcorn movie from the planet Popcorn. It’s just all boobs, blood, and—I don’t know, what’s the other ‘b’? Barbecue.

Add to all that a supporting cast with Christopher "Doc Brown" Lloyd and Richard Dreyfuss (in an homage to his Matt Hooper Jaws character), and suddenly Piranha 3-D is a summer movie I'm eagerly anticipating because, let's face it, any flick that combines rampant coed nudity and gore is my particular bucket of cinematic chum.

Both the 1978 and 2010 trailers are embedded for your enjoyment ...


Anonymous said...

The piranha conspiracy , not just the crater of cool music on my space. No the one I’m referring to is the mutant larger than normal (I wouldn’t call them giant) cold resistant piranha being genetically created in the secret government lab under the light house in Montauk. There among other odd looking creatures on sub level 23 in an giant tank filled with 40 degree spring water swim very large piranha. What there purpose is I can only speculate at this point , but I do know this if they are ever unleashed it will be scarier than this movie. When I find out more on this my friends I will keep you posted. Until next time my friends, Keep your minds open and your eyes wide.
The conspiracy nut.
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