Monday, June 7, 2010

'Ghost Hunters Academy,' Jason Hawes pwnd by 'The Soup'

While it was not "epic pwnage," The Soup blog took the new season of GHA to the mat today with a dose of snarkiness. The blog, not written by host Joel McHale, called leader Jason Hawes an "aged carny handing down his tricks" and a "clean-domed spook chaser." The entry then adds it ain't easy training to be a ghost hunter - which is why it's not called Ghost Catchers -  but a few tips that may help include:
1. Be delusional. 2. Get thwacked out of your mind on hallucinogens. 3. Make sure you're a plumber who wants a reality show and are willing to make a complete idiot out of yourself to get it.

Personally I view any kind of mainstream response to the show - even biting sarcasm - to be good for the GH brand, so I think they'll welcome this.  Heck, I could even see Hawes agreeing to do a walk-on on The Soup. So TAPS fans, don't send McHale hate EVP just because his show's blog poked fun. It's still publicity.


JM said...

I actually really like The Soup paradies that they do. And I wouldn't worry too much - I think it actually get's more people to watch these shows.