'Ghost Hunters Academy,' Jason Hawes pwnd by 'The Soup'

While it was not "epic pwnage," The Soup blog took the new season of GHA to the mat today with a dose of snarkiness. The blog, not written by host Joel McHale, called leader Jason Hawes an "aged carny handing down his tricks" and a "clean-domed spook chaser." The entry then adds it ain't easy training to be a ghost hunter - which is why it's not called Ghost Catchers -  but a few tips that may help include:
1. Be delusional. 2. Get thwacked out of your mind on hallucinogens. 3. Make sure you're a plumber who wants a reality show and are willing to make a complete idiot out of yourself to get it.

Personally I view any kind of mainstream response to the show - even biting sarcasm - to be good for the GH brand, so I think they'll welcome this.  Heck, I could even see Hawes agreeing to do a walk-on on The Soup. So TAPS fans, don't send McHale hate EVP just because his show's blog poked fun. It's still publicity.