Monday, July 11, 2011

Live from 'Harry Potter' Deathly Hallows premiere

As part of our special partnership with The Associated Press and Livestream, join us at 5 p.m., EST for live video from the New York City premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2.

The end begins here...


francis "mangod" cinelli said...

lol at the tom felton shadiness dodging the camera he's like what 28 playing a teenager which is just a random curiosity. As the BIGGEST err *ahem* as a huge fan of the books and the films are hit or miss throughout (they either hit hard or miss HARD) this was one of the better paced, by which i mean it was unbelievably fast-paced with nice punctuated pensive moments which the books are filled with but the movies have been known to go without most of the important thoughts the characters have or just not space them out at the right times. I knew I would enjoy rewatching it and oh geez was the humor perfectly executed. Anywhosie, best of the HP films by far although some scrutinizing fans like myself might find the ending to be a bit disappointing compared to the rest of the film. But until that point all I could think was this is completely different from the previous films. It's faster, darker, the things they didn't have time to cut and paste from the book were explained in ways that made HP sense to me as a fan. At least until then a film and television critic (of sorts)sort of reminded me of the end of LOST when **** and ***** (censored for spoilers of the greatest show of all time?) fight like Smith and Neo in the rain. It was a duel that didn't do the book justice. But to wrap things up about the movie I commend Steve Kloves for this screenplay, it is by far the best of his adaptations. On another note, as I write this I am listening/watching the livestream above and it's funny. I have much to say but the world is a better place because Alan Rickman is in it and acting. He stole every scene. I hope he continues to take on out-of-this-world or edgy roles. Also, Also the interviewer just used the word ONUS. I've only heard one other person besides me say that. Lovely. Lovely. Lovely.