Paranormal Paparazzi announces cast

'Paparazzi' reporters Sagers, Fine, Gruenwald,
Wellington, Warren. Not pictured: Alexandria, Oganesyan
In addition to Paranormal Pop Culture's own Aaron Sagers serving as host/co-exec-producer of Travel Channel's entertainment news show, Paranormal Paparazzi (Sept. 28, 7 p.m.), the rest of the cast were officially announced last night by Sagers and executive producer Zak Bagans.

The cast includes Rachel Fine, Joshua P. Warren, Scott Gruenwald, Julie Alexandria, Branden Wellington and Sona Oganesyan.

Sagers went on to state, "I can tell you folks that these #ParanormalPaparazzi reporters are all top notch, and I'm thrilled to have them in our newsroom." Bagans also weighed in that, "Aaron and these reporters will deliver to you some of the most bizzare supernatural news stories in the headlines!!"

We will reveal more details about this cast soon, so keep an eye out for a further introduction to the Paparazzi reporters.


bella237 said...

Scotty...finally doing what u were bred to do...ur am awesome family...etc...ur gonna fit in just great with all the awesome reporters..i cant wait to see U all report the PARANORMAL PAPARAZZI!!!! xoxoxo

Eric said...

Hope this isn't another cheesy Ghost chasing show!