Para-pop pals

Thanks for visiting We hope you dig the site and come back often, but do yourself a favor and check out some of our good friends and colleagues within the paranormal and pop culture communities.

Para X Vision - An online TV channel and home to all things paranormal, including The Paranormal Pop Culture Show

Para X Radio - A favorite destination for a plethora of radio shows from respected paranormal investigators

Beyond Reality Events & Ideal Event Management - Two excellent event groups for paranormal investigations with famous para-celebs, and Ghost Hunters.

TAPS ParaMagazine - The bimonthly print magazine of TAPS and home to the Paranormal Pop Culture column

Tara Normal - The fun and funny paranormal comic featuring girl investigator Tara

LiveParanormal - Another destination for live webchats and shows featuring paranormal experts 

Fighting Owl Films - Production company making The Night Shift film and contributors of ParanormalPopCulture's on-set movie diary of the same name

Caden Leigh - Paranormal romance novelist and ParanormalPopCulture's Paranormal Pop Passion contributor

Chip Coffey - Psychic/medium, star of A&E's Psychic Kids and Paranormal State, and scarf kingpin

Darkness on the Edge of Town - Dave Schrader's and Mallie Fox's show for hardcore paranormal coverage. Speaking of Mallie ...

Paranormal Girl - A very hip paranormal investigator (and perhaps super hero?) 

Gonzo Cartoon Company - artist David Rosenberg's site

Blood Type- A True Blood Blog - A Philly friend focused on the blood-sucking series

Beth Brown - Paranormal Historian, author and host of The Paranormal View on CBS Radio and Para X

Jill Sprague Photography - She's not paranormal, but Jill's photography is out of this world

If you or someone you know has a site that you think might fit right in this cozy bunch, let us know. Likewise, we would be much obliged if you used our banner above to link your site and ours. It's like giving us a big Internet hug - you know, without actual touching involved.