A Real Monster Mash

If you don't live in or around Chicago, you probably didn't get the invite, but a ruckus went down in Wicker Park last weekend ... a ruckus caused by thousands of the living dead. Say what? You read that right. Ok, fine, so it wasn't thousands. More like "thousand." July 25th marked the one-month-a-versary of MJ's death, so what better way to honor a man who quite possibly changed the face of popular music (and culture) with the help of a single sparkly glove then to dress up like a dead dude and (badly) reenact the "Thriller" vid? Hello, there IS no better way. The zombie love overfloweth. Thinking about zombie love got me thinking about zombie hate. It's feverish on both sides. My suggestion? Let's all join hands, do a little Kumbaya, and get dead serious about the real parapests—those nasty, crafty vamps. But leave the ones in Forks and Bon Temps alone. I love those guys.
— amy kates