In case you hadn't heard...

Yes, Johnny Depp will be playing patriarch vampire Barnabas Collins in the film adaptation of Dark Shadows, directed by Tim Burton.

There has been so much back and forth chit-chat about this project it has moved beyond speculation into news before becoming a rumor. Look, it's happening and if it doesn't, that's the news.

Variety reported Depp acquired the film rights to the soap opera which aired on ABC from 1967-71 back in 2007, and Burton's potential involvement has been talked about nearly as long.

So it's not "news," but no news is big news in the entertainment biz. At least it gives us an excuse to run a shot from Ed Wood, directed by Burton and starring Depp (and Martin Landau as proto-vampire Bela Lugosi).

However, this paranormal pop culture scoop by Bloody-Disgusting is definitely newsworthy. Personally, I have no desire to see Lestat back in the movies, although I admit Robert Downey Jr. could nail it.

-aaron sagers