Loch Ness Monster caught! ... On Google Earth

In cryptozoology, it helps to look at the big picture and in this case, the big picture is the entire world as seen through Google Earth.

The Sun - my personal favorite of the titillating British tabloids - broke news today that the Loch Ness Monster (Nessie to friends) may have been spotted in a satellite image of the Scottish lake by an English security guard.

Is it indeed Nessie? Loch Ness experts are sure to be sounding off in the coming days, but this is the most positive news to happen to her fans lately. In fact, a lack of sightings had led some to theorize she'd died due to global warming, reports the Telegraph.

The image is located at co-ordinates Latitude 57°12'52.13"N, Longitude 4°34'14.16"W on the site, and it definitely looks like ... something. But so did those criss-crossed lines off the northwest coast of Africa that were thought to be the Lost City of Atlantis back in February.

Since it launched in 2005, the virtual globe of Google Earth has been a part of pop culture, but it's importance within paranormal pop culture is still pretty new. If this does end up being Nessie, you can bet the Jersey Devil will consult with Dick Cheney on camouflaging tips.

-aaron sagers