She should have just borrowed one of J-Lo's extras.

Please excuse my back-to-back Twilight postings, but in case it hasn’t totally hit you over the noggin yet, Twilight is taking over THE WORLD, industry by industry. The most recent victim: Fashion.

I was doing some very serious haircut research this a
fternoon at (you must try the cyber makeover) when I noticed a beautiful wedding gown sketch with Christian Siriano’s fierce little name tatted all over it. Then, what to my wondering eyes should appear? This headline: “Fashion Designers Sketch Bella’s Wedding Dress.”

ait. Haute couture meets vampires? Finally — an explanation
for the origins of this. (Think about it: She’s super pale, doesn’t eat food, sucks the lifeblood out of David Beckham and walks around as stiff as Bernie’s corpse. Methinks case closed.) And I’m not talking some gimmick designer low-rent collabo — this ain’t no Vera Wang for Kohl’s.

These designers rep
fashion royalty. We’ve got Siriano, Monique Lhuillier (who in my wildest dreams not only makes my gown, but is my maid of honor), Max Azria, Badgley Mischka, Lela Rose and Zac Posen. They all tried their hand at creating the perfect wedding gown for Bella, based on small snippets of info from Breaking Dawn: The frock is an early 1900s design and akin to something straight out of an Austen novel. Personally, I can’t see Bells in any of these gowns. It was hard enough to stuff her in a prom dress. However, I am totally smitten with Rose’s off-white vision and Siriano's frothy goodness (purple tint). My least favorite? Brian Reyes (um, the one that looks like a Transformer). I just don’t get it. Check the complete gallery here.

amy kates