Zombies good, God bad when dating online

Talking about the undead may just be the way to breathe life into your new romances, reports Wired. After analyzing 500,000 first contacts amongst singles, online dating site OKCupid has released results of a study that suggests using words like "zombie" in your initial introduction on those site may lead to a positive first impression. Calling yourself an atheist also helps (because, after all, what kind of a God would allow the dead to walk the Earth??).

Amongst the other dos and don'ts culled from the study:
  • Don't mention God
  • Don't make physical compliments
  • Don't use Internet slang
  • Do be self-effacing
  • Do use an unusual greeting
  • Do be specific
And although it's not clearly mentioned in the study, while talking about zombies is cool, brain-eating references aren't.

-aaron sagers