Zombies vs. Werewolves: Which side are you on?

Writer Angela Hill of the Oakland Tribune is not feeling the Zombie Love. In a lively column about the walking dead, Hill encourages zombies to finally croak and make room for the lycanthropes.

Yes, the debate over zombies vs. werewolves has begun, and Hill is an impassioned supporter of the latter. Skipping right over the vamp train and into the next genre trend, Hill writes, "Seriously, for all your drool and drama ... You all look alike, you're uncoordinated, you have a limited vocabulary, you're single-minded ... And don't even get me started on your highly questionable personal hygiene."

Wow. She's going to get letters from the NAAZP for that one.

Still, other than noting their "outdoorsy appeal," Hill doesn't seem to be pro-werewolf as much as she is anti-zombie.

I don't personally know where I fit in this debate, and am still waiting to hear each camp's solution to healthcare, but zombie lovers out there better make themselves known or they might lose the message battle.

-aaron sagers