'I Kissed A Vampire' aka 'High School Vampire Musical'

What do you call a blood-sucker who is dancing theatrically?  I would have accepted "vamping vampire," but the better answer is the cast of I Kissed A Vampire, the new musical comedy show on iTunes.

The Twilight-meets-High School Musical web series premiered Oct. 13 and stars Musical alumni Lucas Grabeel and Drew Seeley.

Grabeel is Dylan, a teen going through that awkward vampire-transition phase while nurturing a crush on his gal pal, Sara (Adrian Slade). Luckily Seeley plays Trey Sylvania (Get it? Get it?), the bad-boy living-dead mentor to Dylan.

The show hits the right target audience - namely the tweens and teens who consider Zac Efron a thespian and have fierce loyalties to teams Jacob or Edward.
But more than that, for my purposes, it's pretty campy and knowingly so.  The songs, choreography and set pieces ooze cheese, and it is just goofy enough to keep legal-aged viewers watching for a few minutes for irony's sake.

Still, unless you're hooked on the Disney Channel or you're a diehard fan of musicals, it probably isn't worth the $1.99 download. View the trailer below.