It's official: 'Ghost Hunters Academy' premieres Nov. 11

While we've known about this for some time, Ghost Hunters Academy is officially premiering on Nov. 11 on Syfy. Run by experienced TAPS members Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango, Academy will feature student paranormal investigators as they travel the country learning the ropes of the ghostly biz.  Those that "pass the course" will get a shot to join the regular Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International teams.

Not surprisingly, the new spinoff also allows the folks from TAPS to have their own young investigative show to counter Paranormal State on A&E - and to show an alternative to the PRS methods.

To kick things off, the show will re-visit old GH haunts (yes, pun, I know) such as Fort Mifflin and Eastern State Penitentiary, both in
Philadelphia, and the St. Augustine lighthouse in Florida.

As an interesting side note, I will not be part of the academy - apparently my GPA wasn't good enough to get in - but I was shooting two episodes of The Paranormal Pop Culture Show for PTN at Mifflin and ESP right on the heels of the Academy.

That kind of coincidence should at least earn me a chance to audit the course, right?  Anyhow, a promo pic for Academy is below, and to the left is a fun pic of Dave Tango goofing off at Fort Mifflin.