Zombie Strippers: Night of the Stripping Dead

If you plan on heading to a Chicago strip club tonight, you may be in for a lapdance of the dead.

Kevin Pang of the  Chicago Tribune reports the Admiral Theatre (a "gentlemen's club" with a deceptively mundane name) is holding "Night of the Stripping Dead" tonight.The event will include normally-lively and lithely naked performers transformed into an undead army of dancers by professional makeup artists.  The highlight of the night, however, is a performance by Miss Maya Sinstress, a zombie burlesque performer known for removing her metal clothing - with a chainsaw.

To put the event into perspective, the Admiral isn't the first to come up with the idea of combining the flesh trade with the flesh-eating set.

As I've previously mentioned, the good folks at My Zombie Pinup produce a risque zom-babe calendar. And back in 2004, female pornography mogul Joanna Angel of BurningAngel.com produced and starred in an adult movie inspired by the 1985 horror flick, Re-Animator. Also, who can forget last year's cinematic tour de force starring Jenna Jameson and Robert Englund appropriately titled Zombie Strippers.

Still, "Night of the Stripping Dead" sounds like a good time, but if you go, please remember to show respect to the undead. Tip well, no touching of severed limbs and no skin-to-rotting flesh contact.