Kristen Stewart: I'm a vampire & fame sucks

File this under the "Oh, puhleeaze" category:

In a recent interview with the British magazine Fabulous, New Moon actress Kristen Stewart tells all us little people that "nothing about being a celebrity is desirable" and that she wishes she wasn't famous.

Apparently the Twilight Saga's on-screen Bella - who was presumably forced into continuing to appear in movies and not, you know, holding down a real job - thinks she is much like the vampire Edward Cullen.

"Edward is actually a really good parallel for fame," says the 19-year-old actress. "As a vampire, he has a sad, desolate life - fame is the same."

Whew, that's a relief.  I'm sooo glad I turned down that seven-figure supporting role in Marty's next flick cause I do NOT need those kinds of headaches. Besides, if Stewart is any indication, fame also makes you look like you're constantly smelling poop, and that doesn't sound like much fun either.