Cryptozoology fashion show paranormally fabulous

Paranormal pop culture looked fab when cryptids overran the Old State Capitol in Baton Rouge, La. on Dec. 12. As part of their UnCommon Thread Wearable Art Show, community arts group Culture Candy's themed Cryptozoology fashion show featured artists' takes on creatures of fantasy.

In an article by Karen Martin of, a local Baton Rouge news site, the show "spawned nocturnal disturbances with visions of tree people, swamp monsters and vampire bat girls ... On the sunny side were sugar-plum fat polar bears, birds of dazzling plumage, a sock monkey come to life and maids trailing the sweet scent of magnolia."

To the left is the living exhibit "Treefolk" by Barrett Hutchinson, winner of the show's $1,000 first prize. If you're wondering, the description of treefolk, according to Hutchinson, are "trees that can take on humanoid shape and move a short distance from their root or in extreme cases uproot the entire tree and use the roots as a form of locomotion."

So for all those doubters out there, the paranormal is definitely in vogue.