'Daybreakers' bloody, gooey good clip

The more I see of Daybreakers, the more I'm excited to see an honest-to-goodness blood-and-guts vampire movie that takes traditional bloodsucker tropes and mashes them with sci-fi.

Set in 2019, the plot takes place in a near future where vampires are the dominant species and humans are farmed for blood. But as the human population dwindles, vampires experience a blood shortage and must find a way to survive. At the same time, a vampire scientist (played by Ethan Hawke) has a soft spot for humans and wants to create a synthetic blood source to save the blood-bags and preserve both species.

Now, in this new clip after the jump (courtesy of Cinema Blend), Hawke's character is chatting with his brother over a glass of chilled - thick and gooey - human blood before being interrupted by a nasty Nosferatu.

Good stuff but NSFW if you happen to have a squeamish work environment.