'Twilight', the reality show? And official 'Eclipse' image

Last week, MTV.com reported a casting call went out on the Forks Forum in the Washington state town where the Twilight Saga is based.  Well, it turns out a reality-TV show is in the works for the small town, reports The Wrap.

Producer Zig Gauthier (a name destined for a James Bond villain) tells the entertainment site the show is intended to examine life in the town and inspect the Twi-hard fascination with Stephenie Meyer's books and movie franchise. Sadly, he adds the show will not be staking out "real" vampires or werewolves.

"We're not going up there looking to cast people who have claims to the supernatural," Gauthier told TheWrap. "We want people who have a true connection to the community. We want to avoid people with outlandish claims."

(Riiight.  Since reality TV is known for avoiding "outlandish" characters, why should a show about a vampire-centric town be any different?)

Anyhow, as if that isn't enough Twilight news for one day, to the right is the first official publicity still from Eclipse, which opens in June 30, 2010. While I'm not exactly certain what's taking place in this photo, I'm sure it involves angst between Bella and Edward over the forbidden love between a vampire and human, and the less forbidden friendship between a human and werewolf.  Just a guess.