Pop Occulture: Lady GaGa and the Illuminati

Since last summer, I've been getting word that conspiracy theorists, culture warriors and people who read a lot of Dan Brown have been labeling Lady GaGa a tool of the Illuminati. The symbolist Web site, The Vigilant Citizen has done an especially successful job making hay on the topic.

In fact, my old pal the Conspiracy Nut sent me a few nibbles on the investigation (GaGaGate?), but I wasn't quite ready to write about it until he directed me to this recap by the LA Weekly.

So the story has legs, and the Weekly does a nice job of boiling down the main arguments against GaGa. Among them, is the argument that she's frequently making the "Masonic" triangle gesture; she also covers one eye, which is an occult symbol for the Eye of Horus aka "The All Seeing Eye." GaGa's logo is also considered occultist, and is also connected to David Bowie, a supposed follower of Aleister Crowley.  Also, it doesn't help GaGa's case that she did her Hello Kitty photo shoot in a Masonic lodge (one pose shown here, with her rocking the Horus eye).

While I'm not completely biting, it is interesting stuff compiled by people really closely watching GaGa's videos.