Psychic as big bad in 'Green Lantern' flick

Variety is reporting actor Peter Sarsgaard (Jarhead, The Skeleton Key) has signed on as the psychic villain in the 2011 super hero tentpole Green Lantern, starring Mr. Scarlett Johansson, Ryan Reynolds.

The character of Hector Hammond is a crook who becomes exposed to cosmic radiation from a meteor and develops mental powers. Hammond's beef with the space cop Green Lantern/Hal Jordan is, of course, over a girl.

Although Sinestro seems like a better choice for a villain, Sarsgaard is a compelling actor who can nicely pull off intelligent, slow-burn evil as well as wackadoo nutty. I mean, just look at the expression of pure malevolence in this photo taken from WireImage.

Also, after the jump, take a look at this cool fan-made trailer for a "What if?" Green Lantern movie starring Captain Hammer himself, Nathan Fillion.