Demon sheep! Politics gets paranormal (and very weird)

Frankly, I don't know what's more paranormal about this California campaign advertisement below:  The demon sheep with robot eyes or the friggin cuh-razy craisin-munching crazytown residents who thought it would be a good idea to make.  Whatever makes this paranormal, it's certainly indefinable.

The attack ad by senatorial candidate Carly Fiorina is aimed at fellow Republican Tom Campbell. Featuring voiceover by a dude who sounds like an evil Morgan Freeman - and could surely lend gravitas to any bat-crap insane phrase such as, "The End is Nigh ... and we are out of Rocky Road ice cream!" - the spot suggests that Campbell is the dreaded, awkwardly-named FCINO (Fiscal Conservative In Name Only), that fiscal conservatives (or is it his voters?) are sheeple, and that Campbell may be attempting to destroy the world by posing in an ill-fitting, but incredibly soft, fleece outfit with a lame lamb mask and glowing Terminator eyes.

The video has gone viral, but I don't think in the good way Fiorina may hope.  As Steve Pendlebury writes in his roundup of reactions, it makes her look unstable - even if it gets people talking about her. In fact, it seems like the kind of spot our friend the Conspiracy Nut might produce with Final Cut Pro and a small budget.