Psychic school headmaster catches ghost pic - Maybe

British newspapers, including The Sun, reported Kevin Horkin - the businessman with a "psychic management company" who is attempting to purchase Gwyrch Castle for the purpose of launching a school for psychics - may have caught a photo of a ghost while touring the grounds of the North Wales castle.

Horkin says he only realized the ghostly girl figure in the window while downloading the images from his digital camera. However, he says, "I did feel a presence there. It was a cold day when I visited, but it seemed warm near the building."

Understandably, some people like the healthily skeptical folks at Ghost Theory, claim Horkin is attempting a hoax to drum up publicity for his psychic school plan. Although the best comments about the photo are coming in from MY Sun reader reaction section for the newspaper. One reader mentions, "I love Photoshop, and all the wonderful things it can do" and another points out the girly ghost looks like Hermione herself, actress Emma Watson.

Hey, maybe after spending so many years at Hogwarts, Watson is ready to enroll at Horkin's new school.