Psychics say quarterback McNabb not for the birds

When Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb commented last week that he was sure he'd be back next year on the team because, "I have a psychic and she told me," it was the second time he joked about consulting a spiritualist experts.

OK, so McNabb was probably just joking about talking with Miss Cleo, much like he was during the World Series when he said he didn't need his psychic to know the Phillies would win the pennant. Still, the comments were enough to pique the interest of the Philadelphia Inquirer's sister site,

While most pundits and fans don't expect McNabb to don the midnight green jersey next season, writer Peter Mucha wanted to see what the seers say. The psychics he speaks with all claim to not be football fans or know who McNabb is, but they all tend to agree the QB isn't going into OT with the team.

Check it out, it's an interesting sports and paranormal pop culture crossover that's also just plain fun.