Anne Rice vamps for comics

Vampire Chronicles author, and former queen of New Orleans, Anne Rice will get the four-color treatment this June in a new comic book bio published by Bluewater Productions.

Reported by Fandango, the comic is part of Bluewater's "Female Force" line, which has also included Michelle Obama, Ellen DeGeneres and Sooki Stackhouse creator Charlaine Harris.

The book will focus on Rice's real history - with a twist.  In it, Rice will be telling her life's story in an interview with a vampire narrator (Odd; I wonder why she'd be interviewed by a ... Oh, now I get it). The title's writer, Scott Davis, says the appeal of Rice is  her  "uniquely gothic, sensuous, and existential approach" which redefined modern vampires.

"She advanced the vampire literary genre more than anyone since Bram Stoker. Rice created a fictional universe where vampires, witches, and spirits walk amongst the living and often suffer from the same frailties and faults that affect mortals. It’s what transforms her work from pop fiction to serious literature."