'Ghost Hunters' go wild at Philly Zoo

Philadelphia Daily News broke news today that Syfy's Ghost Hunters would be heading to the City of Brotherly Love for a little monkey business.  Wait, that sounds wrong, but nevertheless they'll be filming at the Philadelphia Zoo this week for an episode to air in the fall.

According to the Daily News, the locations to be investigated "include Solitude House, which John Penn, grandson of William Penn, built in 1784 and which formerly housed reptiles; the Penrose building, which used to be a research laboratory and vet hospital; and the Shelly building, now used for zoo administration."

Early word on a filming location for the show isn't particularly newsworthy, but it is interesting because this is a novel spot for the paranormal investigators to visit. Looks like the TAPS team is still keeping it fresh after the 100th episode milestone.

Speaking of Philadelphia and TAPS, I'll be joining the team this Saturday at Eastern State Penitentiary, from 9 p.m. - 2 a.m., EST, for a live blog of an investigation, which you can catch at www.beyondrealityevents.com.

And now, because I've found significant justification to post it, is a picture of a monkey, courtesy of Esquire.