'Jonah Hex' trailer hits - finally

The fact that we are just now getting a trailer (below) for Jonah Hex, a movie that opens on June 18, is an indicator of how troubled this production has been. That said, I'm really pulling for this flick since Jonah is an old-school B.A. of the Baracus school, and in the comics, he was a supernatural-prone gunslinger (and owned an entire episode of Batman: The Animated Series).

The trailer doesn't look bad, but it feels disjointed. In the beginning, there is the medium aspect of Hex (Josh Brolin), which seems cool, and then it suddenly abandons that and becomes a post-Civil War action spectacle. I'm a fan of Brolin, who actually strikes me as a cool cowboy type, and John Malkovich as the baddie and Megan Fox seem fine here, but something does seem amiss. Hopefully this will be a cool Wild West film and not another Wild, Wild West.

The trailer is being shown before A Nightmare on Elm Street. Man, how embarrassed are Jonah and Freddy Krueger going to be when they show up sporting the same broodin scarred face-and-hat outfit?