Lost about lost 'Lost' last night?

If you were lost about no Lost last night, you weren't alone. Instead of a new episode - as has been the pattern of straight-through February-May seasons - a repeat of the Alpert-centric "Ab Aeterno" episode aired.

Frankly, it threw us off like Desmond without a constant. But rest assured, there must be a reason for ABC disrupting the flow of the show's final season, right? Not really, it turns out.

TV Squad did the digging for this and spoke with Jeffrey Fordis, the show's publicist, and discovered the network and Lost's producers agreed upon 18 hours of programming for the final season, which consisted of 16 episodes when you consider two two-hour premiere and finale installments. Instead of starting the season a week later, and losing out on a week of February sweeps, ABC scheduled those 16 episodes to air over 17 weeks, beginning Feb. 9.

The delay comes down to business, obviously, but the reason this week was chose with this episode, remains a mystery. But the end result is an awkward, annoying and teasing pause to the momentum building for the final episodes.

I don't advocate siccing Smokey on Fordis, but we're peeved over here - so peeved, in fact, we drowned our sorrows in eating an entire cake and imagining it was the Lost 100th episode one created by Ace of Cake's Charm City Cakes last year. (Yeah, lousy way to justify running this pic)