'Doctor Who' companion to take TARDIS to Loch Ness?

Because we sort of painted ourselves in the corner with paranormal pop culture instead of, say, "sci-fi pop culture," it's not often we get to talk about the awesomeness that is Doctor Who. But today, everything's coming up Milhouse.

It turns out Scots actress Karen Gillan, who plays the eleventh Doctor's companion Amy Pond (shown here), wants the TARDIS to hunt for Nessie. Gillan tells Scottish newspaper the Daily Record she's been badgering the show's Scottish producer to do a "Scottish special."  Sound like a lot of Scots? You betcha.

"The Scots are taking over," says Gillan. "I said to Steven that we should do something with the Loch Ness Monster in Inverness." She adds, "I would love to see someone like Billy Connolly in the show ... I just think we should have someone who's a big character and who is really funny. Someone like that,who is Scottish."

As it happens, comedian Connolly (who, depending on your age, is best known to American audiences as Mr. MacGregor in Head of the Class or as Il Duce in The Boondock Saints) almost took over as the eighth Doctor before Paul McGann eventually became the Time Lord.

If the Scottish episode did happen, it wouldn't even be the first time Nessie would make an appearance on the show. Doctor fans might remember the Zygons tried to use the cryptid to wreak havoc back in 1975 - but back then the monster was just an alien cyborg known as a Skarasen.