'The Haunting in Georgia' in pre-production

Following the $77 million commercial success of (critically panned) supernatural horror flick The Haunting in Connecticut, Lionsgate's follow-up/companion piece The Haunting in Georgia is in pre-production with an August start date for a 2011 release. So far we know Tom Elkins is directing David Coggeshall's script.

The Haunting ... movies are "true stories" loosely based on Discovery Channel's A Haunting series, available on DVD, varies from creepy to cheese. The show took off because of the excellent John Zaffis and Warren-led Connecticut case.

The Georgia synopsis, which sounds pretty dang close to Connecticut, is:
Shortly after moving into their ideal new home, a couple grows concerned when their young daughter begins encountering mysterious strangers that no one else can see. The couple's greatest fear is realized when they themselves begin to witness terrifying phenomena in and around the house, providing clues that could unlock a chilling mystery that has remained a closely guarded secret for generations.