Michael Imperioli joins ghost & mortgage horror 'Foreclosure'

The Hollywood Reporter revealed today actor Michael Imperioli (The Sopranos) would be leading the new mortgage crisis/haunted house horror Foreclosure.

Written and directed by Richard Ledes, the story has a tagline of "ghosts don't move out" and "sets its action in a nearly empty, economically depressed neighborhood block, amid the real-life context of the mortgage crisis where so many homes are bank-owned." It's set to begin filming in Queens, NY, next week.

For Imperioli, who also starred in The Lovely Bones and wrote/directed The Hungry Ghosts, this isn't his first work with a paranormal theme. It is unclear what his role will be in the movie, but we're crossing our fingers he is haunted by the ghost of his ex-girlfriend, FBI mole Adriana, who annoyingly calls him "Chris-tuh-fuh" for two hours.