Tara Normal: One Panel Preview

Beginning this week, myself and the folks at Paranormal Pop Culture are proud to introduce a collaboration with Tara Normal, the coolest comic paranormal investigator we've had the fortune of ogling. Each week we'll give you a taste, morsel, delicious crumb and even appe-teaser of a new Tara comic contained in one single panel from the upcoming installment. You will be left with many questions (What will happen next? How will Tara get out of this jam? What does it all mean? Why is there gratuitous comic nudity on display??), but few answers - until the next day when you can head over to TaraNormal.com to see the entire entry. We also encourage online harassment of creator Howie Noel at the site and on Twitter @hcnoel. Enjoy!

Tara Normal: One Panel Preview of ...
Case #2: The Men Who Stare At Goatmen, Scene 26

In this panel, we see Captain Unknown Soldier, host of the "Scary Movie Show," arrive to ... do what, exactly?

He's saying something that may be of importance to Tara as she hunts for tips at the shack of the murderous goatman's latest victim.

Maybe he wants to team up and fight the goatman together. Or perhaps he's just scolding her for drop-kicking his wizarding buddy Ted from Scene 25. Or perhaps he's just sharing laundry tips on how to keep red spandex tights vibrant.

Find out tomorrow at TaraNormal.com