Jennifer Love Hewitt still 'Ghost Whisperer' to fans

In an interview with the United Kingdom's Press Association, Jennifer Love Hewitt says fans of her canceled show Ghost Whisperer frequently approach her in public to share their paranormal experiences.

The actress, who portrayed medium Melinda Gordon for five seasons, explains, "I have a lot of very unusual, incredibly emotional experiences with people where people will just come up to me and they'll be like, 'Can you just sit with me a second? I have to tell you my story because it had to do with the storyline last Friday night' and then they'll just start balling like, in the mall."

She adds, "Then I have other times when I have people who will just be convinced that there is a ghost attached to them and that I need to get it off of them, right there when I'm buying lettuce in the middle of the grocery store."

Hewitt says in order to cope with the situation, she carries cards for mediums in her purse and hands those out to people who need them.

Although it's hard to believe J. Love is buying her own grocery store in the middle of a regular non-celebrity grocery store, this story does prove one thing: Jennifer Love Hewitt needs better security.