Paranormal Pop Cuisine: Chupacabra Burgers & Unicorn Meat

All this talk about Paranormal Pop Culture sure does work up an appetite. At the end of a day of delving into the unknown and unexplained, I'm simply famished and ready to dig into a menu of mystery meat.

Luckily, for the true connoisseur of paranormal pop cuisine, there are many reliable outlets for learning how to cook mythical beasts and magical beings, or finding out which supernatural creatures are kosher. There are even solid recipe trading tips on the Internet amongst amateur gourmands. Even if you're less inclined to eat paranormal food, but you just want a paranormal cook, you can find that too on the Washington, D.C., installment of Top Chef in the form of psychic foodie Tracey.

But the thriving market of paranormal pop cuisine even extends to quaint Texas towns and burger shops, such as the Lone Star State's newest steak, the chupacabra.

In response to the chupey (which was actually a hairless raccoon) found at the North Texas Runaway Bay golf course in January, the restaurant/bait shop/grocery store One Stop of Texas has unveiled the paranormal-themed burger. According to NBC DFW, owner Linda White's burger isn't actually made of mythical beast, but is instead 1/3 pound of beef, chili, bun, grated-cheese, and a hot dog split down the middle.

"We split the hot dog to make it look like paws. We use a pickle spear as the tail," White said. The burger is also served with "Chupa Chips."

Although Runaway Bay has officially nominated chupey as the official town mascot, there's no word yet whether the Texas beef association will now adopt the motto, "Chupacabra - It's what else is for dinner."

Also, while the burger sounds delicious, the culinary combination seems likely to produce smells often confused with demons. Besides, no matter how tasty it may be, the Chupacabra Burger is no match for the reigning paranormal pop cuisine product, Unicorn Meat, or the close follow-up from the early '90s: