Zac Efron, 'Charlie St. Cloud' cast talk ghost stories

Zac "oh so dreamy" Efron's supernatural-tinged flick Charlie St. Cloud opened in L.A. last night and MTV was there for red carpet duty. Based on Ben Sherwood's 2004 novel (The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud), the film is about - can you guess? - Charlie (Efron), who makes a promise to his brother, who then dies in an accident. So Charlie is faced with the dilemma of moving on with his life and pursuing a relationship with a girl, or keeping his promise to his ghost bro.

Because of the paranormal subject matter, MTV asked the movie's principles about their own ghostly experiences.Video is below, and just 'cause we like you, we threw in the St. Cloud trailer down there as well.

As far as the film goes, the theme of keeping a promise to the dead is a classic one that goes back to folk tales like "Sweet William's Ghost" and "The Unquiet Grave" - but it's not exactly the first trip to that well.