Friday the 13th viewing: Cropsey: 'The Urban Legend'

For anyone that lives in New York City, the Staten Island urban legend of Cropsey is more palpable than the Staten Island or Long Island bigfoots, and a new documentary on the myth/mystery/legend airs tonight on Investigation Discovery.

According to the story, an escaped patient named "Cropsey" from the nearby Willowbrook mental hospital would live in tunnels underneath the facility, emerging only at night to snatch up little children. But the story of a local boogeyman became far too real in 1987 when a 13-year-old girl with Down syndrome went missing, only to be found buried in a shallow grave on the hospital's grounds five weeks later. The case was then linked to four other missing children, and eventually became connected to a convicted kidnapper.

In the documentary, airing tonight at 9 p.m., ET, two filmmakers who grew up on Staten Island return to investigate the mystery. This is a creepy, yet fascinating, story about the stories kids tell at night around a campfire, and about the truths behind them. Don't miss it.

Trailer embedded below...