'Ghost Hunter' Britt Griffith Fired: A response

You may have heard about it here, but Britt Griffith is no longer with Ghost Hunters on Syfy. The situation was over derogatory words he used in an interview (which I won't repeat and don't condone). The interview was first reported on at Examiner.com.

To be honest, I've heard rumors about this for days now and remained silent. A decision I made in the interests of allowing the man to release the news in his own time perhaps reveals me to be delinquent in my reporting duties.

See, I know Griffith personally, and live and work closely with members of the homosexual community. So any way I look at this, I cannot be subjective about this topic.

I vehemently disagree with his word choice and sentiments. With that said, I don't think Griffith is a bad guy, but a good guy who said some bad things that - based on conversations with the man - I do not believe accurately reflect his thoughts.

Beyond that, this site will not opine on the matter or on Syfy's decision. However, I do hope one potential positive outcome of this situation is that, as a nation, we will continue to discuss diversity, tolerance and the power of language.