Return of the Stripping Dead: Dead, nude girls invade Chicago

It was only a year ago that we first reported of the Admiral Theatre, a Chicago "gentleman's club" that combined a popular horror trend with naked women to birth "Night of the Stripping Dead," a performance spectacle described as a "evening of gruesome burlesque and undead lap dancing."

Last year's event was successful enough for another, and like any good sequel, this year's "Return of the Stripping Dead" is bigger, with more gore and more nudity. Spread out over two nights on Oct. 19 and 20, "Return" boasts performers Mark the Knife, a comedian who juggles bowling balls with knives sticking out of the finger sockets; Miss Maya Sinstress (NSFW site), a dominatrix zombie burlesque dancer who has, in the past, removed her clothes with a chainsaw; headliner Masuimi Max (ditto NSFW), a pin-up model writer and fire performer.

The Admiral will be decorated as a Horror Drive-In, complete with adult horror movie parody screenings, and there will also be a Zombie Pin-ups Beauty Pageant (no nudity required), Zombie Belly Dancing and "undead tableside dances."

If you go, tickets are $25 in advance or $35 day-of, so have fun and try to refrain from "rigor mortis in my pants" or "Zombieland Rule #2: Double tap that ass" jokes.

Slightly NSFW coverage of last year's event embedded below.