Supernatural Sugar Rush: Best Paranormal Candy for Halloween

Twilight Sweethearts
A tween vampire take on the classic Necco message candy, these hearts say things like, “I (heart) EC,” “Forks,” “Bad Boy,” “Bite Me,” etc. How do they taste? Like flavored chalk, yet remain addictive. Some things never change.

CVS Brand Cherry Liquid Filled Gummy Skulls
For a generic brand, this gooey gummy candy explodes with a tasty cherry “blood” when you bite into the skulls.

Tootsie Ghost Dots
Based on the packaging, these look like they should glow in the dark and have cute faces. They have neither, but are delicious assorted gum drop flavors.

Skeletal Sweets
A green glow-in-the-dark coffin filled with bone puzzle pieces that actually assemble into a skeleton? Yes, please! They’re sort of Sweet Tart-y and come with an extra giant candy skull.

Grave Grabbers

Who knew severed hands tasted so good? The assortment of giant candy hands include a skeleton (cherry), zombie (apple) and decaying corpse (blue raspberry).

Ghost Marshmallow Peeps
Peeps are a simple joy: Gooey marshmallows covered in sugar. Stale or fresh, for any holiday, Peeps are always a good idea.

Jelly Belly Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans
Straight from the world of Harry Potter, Muggles can enjoy these jelly beans that come in flavors like Barf, Skunk Spray, Pencil Shavings, Canned Dog Food and classic Booger. Yum.

Pirates of the Caribbean Gummy Skulls
Gummy so good you might want to surrender your booty for them. The skull and crossbones shapes from the Johnny Depp flicks come in Orange, Blue Raspberry, Green Apple and Watermelon.

Wonka Monster Mix-ups
Leave it to Willy Wonka to nail this. Spooky orange and fruit punch Nerds, and strawberry and banana Laffy Taffy is good. Add in Sweetart Skulls n’ Bones and this is an awesome grab bag. Whether the little bones belong to disobedient Oompa Loompas, I don’t want to know.

Candy Corn
They’re not exactly paranormal themed, but are classics – and if you smash them upside down against your teeth, they look like fangs.