Ghost Hunters International investigate stateside for the first time at Rolling Hills Asylum

The international ghost hunters are gathering together on the domestic ghost front for an investigation event at Rolling Hills Asylum in East Bethany, NY, on Jan. 14-16.  The event occurs just days after the Jan. 5 season premiere of the show, which features a pretty impressive new team.

Led by Barry Fitzgerald and Kris Williams (of TAPS and Ghost Hunters), the new GHI also stars Joe Chin, Susan Slaughter, Paul Bradford and Britt Griffith (on the first three episodes).

The event at Rolling Hills sounds pretty exciting (and in the interest of full disclosure, our own editor Aaron Sagers will be presenting there, so we are a little biased). But more than that, what makes it sound fun is it is the first time a GHI team has been together in the States for an investigation. Also along for the ride is psychic/medium Chip Coffey (Psychic KidsParanormal State) and documentarian Bill Murphy (Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files), as well as author/tarot reader Scotty Roberts

Plus, according to investigator and event organizer Williams, “Rolling Hills is one those dream locations for investigators ... I am a skeptic and have never been, but when I’m always hearing about investigators and other TV shows reporting disembodied voices or seeing shadow people on the second floor, east wing, I can’t help but get pretty psyched to go there.”

The notoriety of the location that Williams speaks of is possibly connected to its 146-year history of housing lunatics, criminals, drunkards, paupers, vagrants and the infirmed until it closed in 1974.

“A location like this has seen so much misery in thousands of lives,” Williams adds. “It is unfortunate and tragic, but it may also add to a leftover energy surrounding it that could be great for an investigation.”

Griffith, also an organizer, agrees.
“I’m hearing people say the activity there now has really been jumping since [new owner Sharon Coyle] took over this year.”
Coyle, a paranormal enthusiast from California, visited Rolling Hills as a tourist and fell in love with the property after having significant supernatural experiences there. When the building was in danger of being demolished, she swooped in and purchased it. She says her aim is to preserve the landmark for history, but also to afford others the chance to have an experience as moving as hers.  And that suit Britt Griffith just fine.
"She has made a lot positive changes to the location, and has really cleaned it up and removed much of the debris from Rolling Hills was converted to a flea market in the ’90s,” he says.

He speculates the cleaning and major changes may have kicked up paranormal activity in the facility, which is why he particularly excited to visit it in January with guests.

In addition to investigating Rolling Hills for five hours alongside the celebrities, attendees will be treated to behind-the-scenes glimpses of their favorite shows like GHI and Murphy’s Fact or Faked. They’ll also be able to attend nine seminars and Q&A sessions that go beyond the supernatural. Though Griffith focuses mainly on the gadgets and technology of ghost hunting, Williams will give a presentation on genealogy. Murphy will also be selling high-tech paranormal tools such as his full-spectrum camera.
Tickets for the three-day event are $179 and can be purchased at