Spanish Film 'Atrocious' Coming To The States

Paranormal Activity may have met its match in the new movie Atrocious. Although originally a Spanish film, the same producer as the Paranormal Activity movies (Jason Blum) and the producer of Insidious (Brian Kavanaugh-Jones) have picked up the rights to remake an English version of Atrocious to bring to the States, according to MovieFone.

The "found footage" movie is about a family found gruesomely murdered in their countryside house. Police found 37 hours of recorded evidence  of their last five days of their lives. To pass time, the siblings were in search of "The legend of the girl in the Garraf woods," and were found dead under strange circumstances that remain unexplained.

The film is in the vein of The Blair Witch Project, Quarantine and especially Paranormal Activity. The 75-minute horror film shows images from video surveillance that are similar images as the Paranormal Activity shots. By mostly spending time in a house, and involving a family dog that barks at an unknown presence is also comparable to PA.

Although Atrocious was already presented at the Sundance Film Festival, there is currently no release date available.

- Jen Danczak

(Teaser trailer embedded after the jump)