'Ghost Hunters' Adam Berry discusses sexuality, and being open

Adam Berry is more than just what meets the eye. He’s 26 years-old, a professional singer and actor, a former Ghost Hunters Academy cadet, and of course he's the newest investigator on Ghost Hunters
But what's unique about the Academy winner isn’t only what you see on television, but something new to the paranormal reality world: He’s openly gay.

In a new interview with AfterElton.com, Berry expressed his take on being openly gay in the paranormal world:
I think what’s good is that we’re continually expanding our horizons. There are a lot of people, different ethnicities and minorities, that are interested in the paranormal. [Being gay], I’m just another aspect.
The reality-TV paranormal world has been slow to reflect society's diversity. Adam being open about his sexuality - without being a poster boy - it increases awareness, especially in this field. 

-Jen Danczak